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One-On-One with Yours Truly on the 2011 Greenest NYer Contest

23 Mar


So, who will be I LOVE NEW YORK’s next “Greenest NYer” for 2011? Will it be you? The search is on!

Always clever and quick on their feet, I LOVE NEW YORK came up with the idea to have a Twitter conversation with the hashtag #GreenHeartNY last Wednesday night from 9-10pm, where I answered questions about the contest, which I hope was entertaining to our live “studio” audience:

I_LOVE_NY: What was the last #Green activity you did tonight before getting online with us?

KaityTsui: I took the stairs instead of the elevator @CrunchGym. Sweated up a storm and drank some much needed NYC tap water!

I_LOVE_NY: Nice #Eco choices! So what would you say is your favorite part of being ILOVENY’s Greenest NYer?

KaityTsui: I love to travel, so exploring such amazing places like Lake Placid via Amtrak have definitely been highlights!

I_LOVE_NY: You did have some cool adventures! Did u have a favorite green NYS location that you visited?

KaityTsui: all are fantastic, but I’ll need to travel to more destinations before I can “hand it an apple” Bachelorette style.

I_LOVE_NY: It is hard to choose from so many great #green locations in New York State 🙂 You’ll have 2 get back to us w/ your favorite.

I_LOVE_NY: Any advice for those who are looking to enter @EscapeMaker & ILOVENY Greenest NYer contest for the 2011 GNYer?

KaityTsui: Enter the contest!! You have nothing to lose and so much to gain – it’s such a rewarding experience =)

I_LOVE_NY: Now that is some good advice….straight from the VERY first I LOVE NY Greenest NYer 🙂

I_LOVE_NY: Thks 4 chatting! Hope this has inspired all of YOU 2 enter the 2011 GreenestNYer contest http://bitly.com/eidkHn

KaityTsui: And if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us @KaityTsui and @I_LOVE_NY. Thank you and good night!

Whatever your reasons for entering, winning this contest will be such a fun and meaningful experience for you. The most rewarding aspects of winning this contest for me are:

  1. Traveling to breathtaking, green destinations and meeting wonderful people along the way
  2. Challenging my creative and travel writing skills
  3. And taking a chance to do what I love but on an even greater scale: continuing valuable dialogue to a wider audience on working towards a greater, greener New York State and beyond.

I look forward to keeping you posted. If you have more questions or suggestions, please feel free to mention them here.



2010 Greenest NYer

I LOVE NEW YORK announces its 2011 Greenest NYer Contest!

17 Mar

As my reign as the 2010 Greenest NYer nears its end, I LOVE NEW YORK and EscapeMaker.com are again seeking to celebrate those individuals who are doing their part to keep the New York State green with their second annual contest to find the “Greenest NYer” of 2011.

To apply (or to nominate someone), log onto http://www.escapemaker.com/ilovenygreen and in 250 words or less tell I LOVE NEW YORK and EscapeMaker.com why you (or your nominee) deserve(s) the title of “Greenest NYer.”

As the official 2011 Greenest NYer, the winner will get to spend one year traveling New York State (in their free time) and experience some of its finest green/eco-tourism offerings. In addition, EscapeMaker.com will donate $500 to the green organization* of the winner’s choice!

I’ll be back soon to write a bit more about the contest and my year as the 2010 Greenest NYer, but in the meantime go check it out!


*Organization must be a 501(c)3 and is subject to approval.  For a full list of contest entry rules and regulations, visit http://www.escapemaker.com/ilovenygreen.
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