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FINAL WEEKEND for the Swimming Cities Boatel

8 Sep

I was once asked to tow a huge floating diorama of the Bronx River from the Bronx to Brooklyn on the East River by kayak. The rickety eco-artwork was strung together from several pieces and featured delicate paper items. Square yards of it were covered with deliberately broken glass bottles.

Fortunately, I knew one man with enough humor, adventurous soul and artistic passion to give this “Mission Impossible” a go:  Jean Barberis, artistic director of New York’s innovative culture changer, Flux Factory.

As we expected, we never made it to Brooklyn. But we landed in Queens with hilarious memories and new friends at the secretive-but-hospitable marina that took us in as artistic castaways.

Now you can enjoy an unforgettable weekend  of Flux Factory arts and seaside living in New York City without mishaps and glass shards!

The artist-made Boggsville Boatel is auctioning off rooms for its final weekend! This floating hotel and “boat-in theater” on Jamaica Bay is ecologically sound, made from creatively restored boats from the “Gilligan’s Island” to “Miami Vice” eras that were otherwise destined for landfill.

After a sold out summer, rooms are being auctioned one FINAL WEEKEND to support future art projects and tours.

The installation and boatel received rave reviews from The New York TimesNPR and other major media. Enjoy a photo gallery of this unique summer community here.

Rooms include dinner and access to the artists and an invitation to the GOING AWAY PARTY on Sept 10, 8pm ’til late. There will be cold beers at Marina 59, revelers in beach wear, Cocktail Cruises in Jamaica Bay, Jerk Burgers & Pineapple Hot Dogs by Carnival Queen Lamar Iposa. You can even join in on Sea Shanty Karaoke.

Guests can start the morning with gulls, egrets and herons and spend the day in the company of daring, fun and talented Flux Factory and Swimming Cities artists! Be sure to meet the visionary behind the boatel, Constance Hockaday!

For more information and to bid for a boatel room, please CLICK HERE.

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