So long, farewell …

25 Apr

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To the dear people of New York  and beyond:

It is with much sadness – and perhaps a hint of envy – that I abdicate my throne as I LOVE NEW YORK’s 2010 Greenest New Yorker to the reigning champion for 2011.

I will be relinquishing many of my powers, which include writing for this exquisite blog, but it is with deep gratitude and pride that the actions of my successors will preserve the local tradition of benefiting all the citizens of the commonwealth that is New York State.  Starting next month, the next Greenest New Yorker will have picked up where I am leaving off here, guiding you through green adventures in NYS. 

I have been fortunate enough to write about my travels through the kingdom, including the Adirondacks and Capital-Saratoga regions, by way of a contraption known as “Amtrak.” From there, I’ve been able to praise our natural treasures and our farmers, and consume the fruits of their labor like apple cider, apple butter and apple pie, as well as many other concoctions from NYS’s bountiful harvests. These green gems bring forth a new definition of what it really means to emerald a state such as ours, for New York has a certain cachet that I have yet to see elsewhere…

On the wings of sustainable tourism which are the envy to many, New York has become a destination for ecologically minded travelers and nomads from all over the world, eager to practice a life of smaller carbon footprints. I believe it’s very much a pleasant coincidence that two loves — New York and Sustainability — are becoming equally popular. My point, of course, is that none of this progress would have been possible without you.

And so, to you, the people, I thank you for gracing me with your presence and allowing me to preside over New York State with you. I hope I have met and perhaps exceeded your great expectations for being the Greenest New Yorker. Please know that no matter what I say or write, my appreciation will always be greater than my words.

Forever and always,



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