Earth Month is for Everyone

6 Apr

So kids AND parents, what does it mean to be green? How green are you? Why and how did you become green? 

It all started for me as a kid watching the cartoon show Captain Planet in the 90s. What made the show popular was its ability to create relatable characters who worked together as a team to battle pollution and other environmental challenges with help from Captain Planet, who reminded viewers like myself of the big picture with his catchphrase, “The power is yours!”

With April considered as Earth Month, there are a number of ways for kids and parents to be greener in New York State. If you have a backyard, maybe spend some time together tending a home vegetable garden or caring for a newly planted tree – either way, both spaces can always use some compost, as mentioned in the latest issue of Conservationist for Kids (featuring me!), the nature and environment magazine for kids that is distributed, free of charge, to all public school fourth-grade classes in New York State. Teachers can also find magazine supplements here.

Other green activities could include a visit to the Macy’s Flower Show: Tower of Flowers at Herald Square (through April 10th) which brings the outside in by showcasing spectacular “live flowers, plants, and trees from around the globe,” or attending the Green Schools Alliance’s 4th Annual Spring Conference & Resource Fair, which invites schools, NGOs, environmental groups, and green businesses to share best sustainable practices at the Martin Luther King Jr. Education Campus in the Upper West Side, where Majora Carter is slated to speak as their Keynote Speaker.

For additional advice, the NYTimes provides encouragement in their “How to Green Your Parentsarticle, and Time Out New York Kids describes a greener family urban life here.

If I could be a kid again, my first few stops would be to the Henry Luce Nature Observatory at Belvedere Castle, the Butterfly Conservatory at the American Museum of Natural History (through May 30th), and of course the Greenmarkets so I could ask farmers a zillion questions, which you can’t exactly pull off once you’re a grown-up.


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