One-On-One with Yours Truly on the 2011 Greenest NYer Contest

23 Mar


So, who will be I LOVE NEW YORK’s next “Greenest NYer” for 2011? Will it be you? The search is on!

Always clever and quick on their feet, I LOVE NEW YORK came up with the idea to have a Twitter conversation with the hashtag #GreenHeartNY last Wednesday night from 9-10pm, where I answered questions about the contest, which I hope was entertaining to our live “studio” audience:

I_LOVE_NY: What was the last #Green activity you did tonight before getting online with us?

KaityTsui: I took the stairs instead of the elevator @CrunchGym. Sweated up a storm and drank some much needed NYC tap water!

I_LOVE_NY: Nice #Eco choices! So what would you say is your favorite part of being ILOVENY’s Greenest NYer?

KaityTsui: I love to travel, so exploring such amazing places like Lake Placid via Amtrak have definitely been highlights!

I_LOVE_NY: You did have some cool adventures! Did u have a favorite green NYS location that you visited?

KaityTsui: all are fantastic, but I’ll need to travel to more destinations before I can “hand it an apple” Bachelorette style.

I_LOVE_NY: It is hard to choose from so many great #green locations in New York State 🙂 You’ll have 2 get back to us w/ your favorite.

I_LOVE_NY: Any advice for those who are looking to enter @EscapeMaker & ILOVENY Greenest NYer contest for the 2011 GNYer?

KaityTsui: Enter the contest!! You have nothing to lose and so much to gain – it’s such a rewarding experience =)

I_LOVE_NY: Now that is some good advice….straight from the VERY first I LOVE NY Greenest NYer 🙂

I_LOVE_NY: Thks 4 chatting! Hope this has inspired all of YOU 2 enter the 2011 GreenestNYer contest

KaityTsui: And if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us @KaityTsui and @I_LOVE_NY. Thank you and good night!

Whatever your reasons for entering, winning this contest will be such a fun and meaningful experience for you. The most rewarding aspects of winning this contest for me are:

  1. Traveling to breathtaking, green destinations and meeting wonderful people along the way
  2. Challenging my creative and travel writing skills
  3. And taking a chance to do what I love but on an even greater scale: continuing valuable dialogue to a wider audience on working towards a greater, greener New York State and beyond.

I look forward to keeping you posted. If you have more questions or suggestions, please feel free to mention them here.



2010 Greenest NYer


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