My Super Bowl Weekend with Lots of Green – and not just because the Packers are playing

2 Feb

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So… this will be a SUPER BUSY weekend for moi! Pourquoi? Because!

Winter Jam NYC

On Saturday, I’ll be the GreenTeam Director of Communications for Winter Jam NYC, presented by the NYC Department of Parks & Recreation (no, not the show, the city agency silly), Prospect Park Alliance, and the Olympic Regional Development Authority (ORDA), who’ll be blowing lots of fresh snow for everyone to enjoy – sweet! This FREE event is an annual winter sports festival that encourages New Yorkers to get out and play in the great outdoors, featuring Winter in New York State and all its awesomeness such as Cross Country Skiing, Snowboarding, and Snowshoeing! Brr… and in my “ downtime” I’ll also be manning the Green Heart NY table, where you get to pick up I LOVE NY winter guides AND get the chance to win a prize as part of the Parks & Recreation Recycling Contest. Be on the lookout for the classic redheart AND Greenheart banners in the Pride of NY Warming Tent and the I Ski NY (aka Ski Areas of New York or SANY) Tent. Since I’ll be photo-documenting, you can check back here for my photos post-event. In the meantime, I’m crossing fingers that it doesn’t rain or snow!

12th Annual Chinatown Lunar New Year Parade & Festival

And… you can probably tell from the heading why I’m saying Gung hay fat choy (Cantonese) and Gōng xǐ fā cái (Mandarin), which is loosely translated as “Best wishes for a prosperous new year.” I’m personally stoked for Chinese New Year, and I can’t wait for my reunion dinner with relatives on New Year’s Eve (the Chinese one) and of course the red packets! Oh, and by the way, did you know that it’s the Year of the Rabbit?

I also wanted to let you know that I’ve been practicing for AAFE‘s Unicorn Team, which is the only established Unicorn team in the NYC area. Why? Because… I’ve been preparing for the 12th Annual Chinatown Lunar New Year Parade & Festival this Sunday, Feb. 6, from 11:30AM – 4PM. The parade starts in Little Italy and goes through the main streets of Chinatown along Mott, Canal, and Bayard streets, and along East Broadway. Soon after the parade’s over, according to the Better Chinatown Society there will be an outdoor cultural festival featuring more performances by musicians, dancers and martial artists!

The Unicorn Dance or Kei Lun (in Cantonese), is a performance done by several people, who take in turns to perform under a handmade Unicorn Head. Our team captain is long-time community activist Robert Yuen. Check out this YouTube for a glimpse of what’s to come:

But really, I just think it’s great that the Unicorn Head and many other costumes and props have been super-glued, repainted, and basically glammed-up to be used over and over again, and they’re not limited to just parades or other cultural celebrations – think about the visual and performing arts like film, television, and theatre. One great example is the Broadway Green Alliance, which aims to “educate, motivate, and inspire the theater community and its patrons to adopt environmentally friendlier practices in all aspects of theater production and everyday life.” FYI: if you want to find something for kids, check out “Chinese New Year Crafts for Kids” hosted by The Learning Channel (TLC), as well as for other holiday and seasonal crafts here.

Greening Your Super Bowl Weekend

In wondering about how other celebrations are being green, I naturally thought about Saint Patrick’s Day, but wait! How can I NOT mention The Superbowl this weekend!? Well, I found this article called “Making Your Super Bowl Party More Eco-Friendly,” and using my family as an example, I’ve taken a photo of what you can do with all your cardboard beverage cases.

Anywho, what do you celebrate? Is there something you can do to make it a darker shade of green, some might inquire, more emerald? Please share!

Keep warm,



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